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Today’s Brew consists of a core team based in Amsterdam. We collaborate with an extensive international network of creatives.

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Rinze Vegelien

Creative Director/Branding/Photography

After earning my black belt in branding and strategic design at Studio MISC, I decided to pursue the two passions closest to my heart: food and footage. My main aim on a shoot is to capture the true essence of the products, processes, places and personalities I’m photographing. I achieve this by approaching the project in a laid back and relaxed manner and immersing myself into the moment, rather than viewing it from an external perspective.

Arjen Poort

Creative Producer/Filming/Photography

I graduated from the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague, specializing in documentary photography. At Today’s Brew I share my technical expertise through filming and editing. I’m passionate about detail and enjoy capturing personality through film, whether that be the personality of a place or a person. I like to ensure that magic finds its way onto screens.

David Esser

Creative Producer/Photography

Before joining Today’s Brew I worked at Mijksenaar in Amsterdam and Integral Ruedi Baur in Paris, crafting accuracy on projects involving wayfinding and architecture. My love for interior design and architectural photography led me to the hospitality industry as it allows me to combine the two in a fluid way. My wandering mind and precise eye help me portray the spirit of a space through beautiful footage.

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